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 physical exercises(moderate)
 tai chi
 jazz dance
 ballet / dance
 stationary bicycle(ergometer) moderate
 stationary bicycle(ergometer) heavy
 running(134m or 439ft/min.)
 running(161m or 528ft/min.)
 running-climbing up
 weight training(moderate)
 weight training(heavy)
 exercise in the water
 swim-slow stroke
 swim-crawl(45m or 147ft/min.)
 swim-crawl(70m or 229ft/min.)
ball game
 golf(using a cart)
 game of catch
 baseball / softball
 ping pong
 rugby football
 ski / skate
 mountain climbing
 martial arts / judo
 kickboxing / taekwondo

Daily activities

standing / walking
 standing posture
 walk slowly(<54m or 177ft/min.)
 walk slowly(54m or 177ft/min.)
 walk(flatland 67m or 219ft/min.)
 walk(flatland 81m or 265ft/min.  commuting, etc.)
 walking faster(flatland 94m of 308ft/min.)
 fast walking(flatland 95-100m or 311-328ft/min.)
 fast walking(flatland 107m or 351ft/min.)
 go up the stairs
riding / driving
 ride on a bicycle(<16km/h or 9.94mph)
 ride on a bicycle(20km/h or 12.42mph)
 ride on a motorcycle
 drive a car
having a meal
 chatting / meal(sitting position)
 meal while talking / stand-up meal
getting ready
 Dressing / use the bathroom
 take a shower
 take a bath
 washing-up(standing position)
 taking out the trash
 floor cleaning
 use a vacuum cleaner
 floor polishing
 wash clothes
 doing the ironing
taking care of children
 childcare at home(sitting position)
 childcare at home(standing position)
 pushing a stroller
 play with children(standing position)
 play with children(walk / run)
 play with children(walk / run actively)
taking care of animals
 take care of animals(sitting position)
 take care of animals(walk)
 take care of animals(walk / run actively)
working, etc.
 read a book / newspaper(sitting)
 chatting(standing position)
 desk work
 packing(standing position)
 stand-up work at a shop / a factory, etc.
 carrying light goods
 pushing a wheelchair
 shovel snow
 carrying furniture
 carrying heavy goods
 playing the piano
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